Steven881013 Steven881013 11 July 2019

Suggestion of Game Tutorial

Have to say Digi-Idle have a pretty good game idea, recall our memories of playing digimon device gen 2 where need to shack the device to battle (actually I think it should be walking to do so.... but usually I just shack, haha...)

The game is pretty simple to understand, but I think below tutorial can be added so people know a little bit background about the game (especially for those who are not familiar with Digimon)

While waiting our first egg hatch, tutorial may introduce story of Digimon, like why we are here, where Digimon live, some other story we familiar in our childhood etc, so the new player know more about the background story.

When our first Digimon hatch, in the first 10 minutes can do tutorial for below item:

1. Basic Digimon S…

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