Farming maps give you items and balance.

Different maps will have different attributes and give different item.

In a different time of the day, the farming map also gives you different items.

How to farm?[edit | edit source]

Walk or shake your device to gain steps. You can run the app in background and put your device in your pocket while you walk.

Current Maps[edit | edit source]

Amida Forest:[edit | edit source]

- A large forest area dominated by variety types of trees.

- Mostly give you foods your partner can consume.

Cap Coala:[edit | edit source]

- Nice beach. A good place to relax.

- A good place to farm Bits.

- No item drops in this map in day time and evening, you can get more Bits from this map.

Training Gym:[edit | edit source]

- A place to train.

- A good place to increase your partner's status.

- Mostly drops XAI chips.

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