ID type name desc
999A Food DebugA Test increase attack food
0001 Food Meat Restore fullness +5
0002 Food Drug Restore HP +1
0003 Food Orange Juice Energy +5
0004 Food Banana Restore fullness +5
0005 Food Vaccine Restore HP +1
0006 Food Green Candy Energy +5
0007 Food Midnight Ramen Restore fullness +5
0008 Food Heal Sand Restore HP +1 Energy +5 Fullness +5
0009 Food White Leaf Energy +5
0010 Usable Food package Get 3 of items id 0001-0009 randomly
0011 Usable Hungry Box Get random fill up food
0012 Usable Digivice of Power Digivolve to mega or special digimon
0013 Usable Patamon Line-EX Transfer to Patamon line
0014 Usable Salamon Line-EX Transfer to Salamon line
0015 Usable Reincarnator Reincarnate from any form
0016 Food XAI Red Increase attack by 3 when used
0017 Food XAI Yellow Increase defense by 3 when used
0018 Food XAI White Increase max fullness by 1 when used
0019 Food XAI Ex Increase max hp by 1 when used
0020 Usable XAI Box Get random XAI
0021 Food XAI Chip (AT) Increase attack by 1 when used
0022 Food XAI Chip (DE) Increase defense by 1 when used
0023 Usable XAI Chip (SP) Increase point by 1 when used
0024 Food Night Aura Increase HP by 1 when used

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