What is Training?[edit | edit source]


Training increases your EXP to level up. Once you level up, you will gain some skill points to up your partner's stats.

The current version will give you 1 EXP in every 10 steps.

How to train?[edit | edit source]

To train your partner, go to "TRAIN" in the world-map. Shake or walk to gain the steps.

Leveling System[edit | edit source]

When your EXP reaches the cap, your partner's level up automatically.

Current version's level cap:

if(level <= 10){
return 10;
else if(level <= 20){
return 15;
else if(level <= 30){
return 20;
else if(level <= 40){
return 25;
else {
return 30;

Leveling Recommendation[edit | edit source]

Before you begin seriously leveling, it is recommended that you try to collect all of the Digi-dex.

When your level is higher than 30, it is recommended that you go to farm for items at the Training Gym map. It is faster to get XAI Chips at the Training Gym map than training for skill points.

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