Mobile Dev 2019- Digi-Idle Concept Video

Digi-Idle is a virtual pet which can grow and develop into the stronger pet.

As time goes by, your partner will age up and able to get stronger by training.

Your partner can also get stronger by consuming items that you hunted in the digital world together.

You will have to treat him like a real pet. You need to feed and hunt for the food for your partner.

You can also meet and fight with your friend across the devices.

When your partner’s power meets the requirement, you can choose which line do you want him to evolve into.

There is no ending of the app. When you feel like your partner reaches the top of the power cap, you can make him reincarnate back to the egg and restart all over with higher power cap. In meaning, you can try all of the evolution lines and your power will be higher.

As the user closes the app and comes back, this app saves and loads the state automatically.

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